Who is Busnurd?

Busnurd is a Digital Marketing Strategy Analyst That Specializes in Helping You To Succeed. Read More

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Who Is Busnurd?

Busari Nurudeen a.k.a “Busnurd” is a Web Developer and Digital Marketing Strategy Analyst. He is the CEO of Busnurd Technologies, The Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Africa. He specialize in helping brands, businesses and companies to increase their revenue through Digital Marketing. Busnurd is a former Consultant/Webmaster at First Bank of Nigeria Limited. Digitally, the word “Busnurd” mean “Business Growth”. He believe that so far someone has been given a name after birth, s/he is a brand and he can help him/her to succeed in life through Digital Marketing.

busnurd revenue generation strategies that increase revenue in your business

4 Easy Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Business

Any business that is out of sight is out of mind. Gone are the days of posters and handbills which  served  as  means to  make  awareness,  we  are  in  digital age where customers are eager to find everything they  want online through their laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Not having online a website will make it difficult for great clients, governments and organizations to know that your business exist. Your potential clients will never know what they could benefit from services you offer. Business owners that don’t understand the power of going digital will go bankrupt these days. But once you go digital, your business will soar. Having a website for your business is just a step to increase revenue in your business. You need our revenue generation strategies to really increase revenue in your business.

Read this step by step tutorial on how to start a blog by Neil Patel. This is the most detailed article I ever read on the internet about blogging.

To increase revenue in your business online is beyond having a classic website. If you have a website for your business. Leverage our FREE SEO Analysis Tool below.

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